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Zenport Grafting Tape ZJ825 Film Grafting Tape, 1.2-Inches Wide by 426-Feet Long

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If you are looking for a high-quality grafting tape that will help you achieve successful buds and grafts, look no further than the Zenport ZJ825 Grafting Tape.

Zenport Grafting Tape ZJ825 Film Grafting Tape, 1.2-Inches Wide by 426-Feet LongThis film wrap is specially designed to seal the bud or graft tightly, keeping it moist and secure while allowing air to permeate the wound. It is self-adhesive, easy to apply, and biodegradable.

Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, you will love how this grafting tape enhances your landscape, gardening, and farming projects.

The Zenport ZJ825 Grafting Tape is 1.2 inches wide and 426 feet long, giving you plenty of material to work with. It is clear, so you can see how your buds and grafts are healing. It is also flexible and stretchy, so you can adjust it to fit different sizes and shapes of plants.


Grafting is a technique that allows you to combine two plants into one, creating new varieties with desirable traits. You can use grafting to improve fruit quality, disease resistance, cold tolerance, flowering time, and more. Grafting can also help you save space by growing multiple types of fruits on one tree.


To use this grafting tape effectively, you need to follow some simple steps:

  • Choose compatible plants that have similar stem diameters.
  • Cut both plants at an angle with a sharp knife or a grafting tool.
  • Align the cut surfaces of both plants so that they match perfectly.
  • Wrap the Zenport ZJ825 Grafting Tape around the joint tightly but gently.
  • Cut off any excess tape and leave some space for air circulation.
  • Keep the grafted plant in a shaded area until it heals.
  • The Zenport ZJ825 Grafting Tape will gradually decompose as your plant grows stronger. You don’t need to remove it manually.


One of the best features of this grafting tape is that it reduces the cost of ownership by extending the life span of your plants. You don’t need to buy new plants every season when you can create your own hybrids with this tape. You also don’t need to worry about replacement parts because this tape is durable and reliable.


But don’t take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from customers who have used this product:


  • “I have been using this grafting tape for years and I love it. It works great on roses, citrus trees, grapes, apples, pears, cherries…you name it! It holds well without being too tight or too loose.” - Mary from California
  • “This is my favorite grafting tape ever! It’s easy to use and biodegradable. I have successfully grafted tomatoes, peppers, eggplants…even watermelons! My garden looks amazing thanks to this tape.” - John from Texas
  • “This grafting tape is awesome! It’s clear so I can see how my buds are doing. It’s also stretchy so I can wrap it around any shape or size of plant. I have grafted peaches with plums…and they taste delicious!” - Lisa from Florida


So what are you waiting for? Order your Zenport ZJ825 Grafting Tape today and enjoy the benefits of grafting!

Zenport Grafting Tape ZJ825 Film Grafting Tape, 1.2-Inches Wide by 426-Feet Long

Reasons for grafting and budding:

  • Perpetuate clones. Clones of numerous species cannot be economically reproduced from vegetative cuttings because the percentage of cuttings that root successfully is low. For example numerous clones of Japanese maple that either root poorly or lack an extensive root systems are grafted onto the seedling of an Acer palmatum rootstock.
  • Take advantage of particular rootstocks. Certain rootstocks have superior growth habits, disease and insect resistance, and drought tolerance. For example the French crabapple can increase resistance to crown gall and hairy root in apple trees.
  • Increase the growth rate of seedlings. The seedling progeny of many fruit and nut breeding programs may require 8 to 12 years to become fruitful. However, if these progeny are grafted onto established plants, the time required for them to flower and fruit is reduced dramatically.
  • Repair damaged plants. Large trees or specimen plants can be damaged easily above the soil line. The damage can often be repaired by planting several seedlings of the same species around the injured tree and grafting them above the injury.
  • Change varieties or cultivars. Newer varieties of trees may offer improved insect or disease resistance, better drought tolerance, or higher yields. As long as the scion is compatible with the rootstock, the older orchard may be top worked using the improved variety or cultivar.
  • Produce certain plant forms. Numerous horticultural plants owe their beauty to the fact that they are grafted or budded onto a standard, especially those that have a weeping or cascading form.
  • Optimize cross-pollination. Certain fruit trees are not self-pollinating; they require pollination by a second fruit tree through cross-pollination. To ensure good fruit set on the female (pistillate) plant, a male (staminate) plant must be growing nearby. Where this is not possible, the chances that cross-pollination will occur can be increased by grafting a scion from a male plant onto the female plant.
  • Unlike budding, which can be performed before or during the growing season, most grafting is done during winter and early spring while both scion and rootstock are still dormant.
  • Model: ZJ825
  • Manufactured by: Zenport Industries

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