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Zenport Scythes are the perfect tools for harvesting and landscaping. Whether you need to cut grass, weeds, crops, or brush, Zenport Scythes can handle any task with ease and efficiency.


Scythes are beneficial for gardening and farming because they are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and versatile. Unlike gas-powered mowers or trimmers, scythes do not produce noise, fumes, or emissions that can harm the environment or your health. They also do not require fuel, electricity, or maintenance costs that can add up over time. Scythes can be used for various purposes such as mowing lawns, clearing paths, harvesting grains, hay, or flowers, pruning hedges or trees, and creating mulch.


A scythe is needed when you need to cut large areas of vegetation quickly and efficiently. A scythe has a long curved blade that is attached to a wooden handle called a snath. The blade is serrated to cut through tough stems and grasses with ease. The snath has two grips that allow you to swing the scythe in a smooth arc motion across the ground. The scythe cuts close to the soil level without disturbing it.

Zenport Scythes are not only practical but also enjoyable to use. They offer you an opportunity to connect with nature, exercise your body, and relax your mind.


Many customers have shared their positive experiences with Zenport Scythes on our website:


  • “I love my Zenport Scythe! It’s so easy to use and it makes my lawn look beautiful.” - John from Oregon
  • “Zenport Scythe is my favorite tool for harvesting wheat on my farm. It’s fast, efficient, and satisfying.” - Mary from Kansas
  • “Zenport Scythe is great for pruning my apple trees. It cuts through branches like butter.” - Tom from New York


If you are looking for a high-quality scythe that will last you for years, look no further than Zenport Scythes.

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