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Zenport Q130DX Pruner, .5-Inch Cut Light Weight Japanese Pruner

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If you are looking for a lightweight, durable and easy-to-use pruner for your landscape, gardening or farming needs, look no further than the Zenport Q130DX pruner.

Zenport Pruner Q130DX .5-Inch Cut Light Weight Japanese Pruner

This pruner is designed with Japanese style and quality, featuring a 0.5-inch cutting diameter that can handle twigs, medium-sized stems, flowers and shrubs with ease!

The blades are made of Marquench hardened steel that offers superior cutting performance and durability.

DuroKon : Specialty Horticulture Tools


The Zenport Q130DX ergonomic grip is ideal for vineyard and nursery workers with smaller hands, as well as anyone who values comfort and precision. The bypass action ensures a clean and smooth cut that does not damage the plant tissue.


The Zenport Q130DX pruner is not only a great tool for pruning, but also a smart investment that will save you money in the long run. Unlike other pruners that need to be replaced frequently due to wear and tear, this pruner has availability of replacement parts that reduces the cost of ownership. You can easily replace the blade, spring or handle when needed, extending the life of your pruner and keeping it in optimal condition.


To take care of your Zenport Q130DX pruner, you should follow these simple tips:

  1. Clean the blades after each use with a damp cloth or alcohol wipe to remove any sap or dirt.
  2. Sharpen the blades regularly with a whetstone or file to maintain their sharpness.
  3. Lubricate the blades and spring with oil or grease to prevent rusting and ensure smooth operation.
  4. Store your pruner in a dry place away from moisture and direct sunlight.


DuroKon : Specialty Horticulture Tools

The Zenport Q130DX pruner has received rave reviews from customers who have used it for various purposes. Here are some testimonials from satisfied users:


  • “I love this pruner! It’s so light and easy to handle. I use it for pruning my roses and other flowers in my garden. It makes clean cuts without crushing the stems. It’s also very durable and lasts longer than other brands I’ve tried.” - Karlie J., California, USA

  • “This is one of the best tools I’ve ever bought for my vineyard. It’s perfect for trimming grapevines and other plants. It fits well in my hand and doesn’t cause any fatigue or strain. The blade is very sharp and cuts through wood like butter. I highly recommend this product.” - Pedro R., Chile
  • “I’m very impressed with this pruner. It’s very versatile and can handle different types of plants and branches. I use it for landscaping my yard and farm. It’s very reliable and sturdy. The best part is that I can replace any part if it breaks or wears out.” - Linda B., Australia


If you want to experience the benefits of this amazing product yourself, don’t hesitate to order your Zenport Q130DX pruner today! You won’t regret it!


  • Zenport Pruner Q130DX
  • .5-inch cutting diameter
  • Lightweight by-pass pruner
  • Ideal for pruning twigs and medium sized stems as well as flowers and shrubs
  • Precision ground blades are Marquench hardened for the best steel structure and durable cutting performance
  • Hard chrome plating provides extra tough, rust-resistance, wipe-clean blades
  • Non-slip lightweight grips fit comfortably into the hand and help prevent fatigue.
  • Ideal for home gardening and flower arranging



DuroKon : Specialty Horticulture Tools


In Gardens Green And Lush,

Where Flowers Bloom And Bushes Brush,

There Lies A Tool, So Sharp And Clean,

A Pruning Shear, Fit For A Queen.


With Blades So Sharp, They Cut With Ease,

Trimming Branches As They Please,

Shaping Hedges, Taming Vines,

A Gardener's Tool, So Refined.


With Careful Hands And Steady Grip,

The Pruning Shear Makes Its Snip,

Removing Deadwood, Shaping Trees,

Pruning Back To Help Them Breathe.


Oh, Pruning Shear, You Are So Grand,

A Tool Of Power In A Gardener's Hand,

A Trusted Friend, So Strong And True,

A Gardener's Work, You Help To Renew.


So Let Us Raise Our Pruning Shears,

To Trim And Shape Throughout The Years,

For With This Tool, We'll Keep Things Right,

And Make Our Gardens Bloom So Bright!


DuroKon : Specialty Horticulture Tools


Zenport Pruner Q130DX .5-Inch Cut Light Weight Japanese Pruner

DuroKon : Specialty Horticulture Tools

  • Model: Q130DX
  • Manufactured by: Zenport Industries

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