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Zenport Grafting Knife K106F Budding and Grafting Knife, Bark Lifter, Single-Taper Bevel Cutting Edge

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If you are looking for a high-quality and versatile tool for your gardening and farming needs, look no further than the Zenport K106F grafting knife!

Zenport Grafting Knife K106F Budding And Grafting Knife, Bark Lifter, Single-Taper Bevel Cutting EdgeThis folding knife is specially designed for grafting and budding operations, which can help you create new varieties of plants, improve fruit quality and yield, and save space in your garden or orchard.

The Zenport K106F grafting knife features a straight dual-bevel edge stainless steel blade that can cut through different types of plant tissues with ease!

The blade is made of SK5 stainless Japanese steel, which is rust and disease resistant, durable and easy to sharpen. The knife also has a bark lifter that can help you peel back the bark of the rootstock without damaging it.


Grafting is a technique that involves joining two plants together so that they grow as one. It allows you to combine the desirable characteristics of two plants, such as disease resistance, hardiness, flavor or appearance. Budding is a type of grafting that involves inserting a single bud from one plant into another.


There are different types of grafts and buds that you can use depending on the type and size of the plants you want to join. Some common ones are whip-and-tongue grafts, cleft grafts, splice grafts, T-buds and chip buds. You can use the Zenport K106F grafting knife to perform any of these methods with precision and ease.


The Zenport K106F grafting knife is not only a practical tool but also an enjoyable one. You will love experimenting with different combinations of plants and creating your own unique hybrids. You will also feel proud when you see your grafted plants grow healthy and produce abundant fruits or flowers.


Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from customers who have used this product:


  • “I bought this knife for my husband who loves gardening. He was very impressed with the quality and performance of this knife. He said it was very easy to use and made clean cuts on his fruit trees. He was able to create some amazing new varieties with this knife.” - Juanna G.
  • “This is a great knife for budding roses. I have been using it for several months now and I have not had any problems with it. It cuts smoothly through the bark and makes perfect buds every time. It has also helped me save money by propagating my own roses instead of buying new ones.” - Peter L.
  • “This knife is awesome! I have used it for grafting grapes, apples, pears and cherries. It works like a charm on all of them. It is very sharp and sturdy, but also lightweight and comfortable to hold. It folds neatly into its handle when not in use.” - Lonny M.


If you want to experience the benefits of grafting and budding yourself, order your Zenport K106F grafting knife today! You won’t regret it!


Zenport Grafting Knife K106F Budding And Grafting Knife, Bark Lifter, Single-Taper Bevel Cutting Edge

  • Model: K106F
  • Manufactured by: Zenport Industries

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