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Zenport Grafting Tool ZJ68 V-Cut Top Grafting Tool for Grafting Fruit Trees and Vines

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If you are looking for a professional quality grafting tool that can help you create beautiful and healthy fruit trees and vines, look no further than the Zenport ZJ68 Grafting Tool!

Zenport Grafting Tool ZJ68 V-Cut Top Grafting Tool for Grafting Fruit Trees and VinesThis tool is designed to execute the long V cleft cut, which is one of the most popular and effective grafting methods in Europe.

With this tool, you can make compatible cuts on both scion and rootstock with ease and precision. The clean cuts allow you to get a perfect fit every time, which increases the success rate of your grafts!

The Zenport ZJ68 Grafting Tool is made of durable materials that can withstand repeated use. The blades are made of hardened steel that can be removed, sharpened or replaced as needed. The anvil is grooved and positions the grafting wood in the center to provide a precise cut. The tool has a comfortable handle that fits your hand well and reduces fatigue.


The Zenport ZJ68 Grafting Tool is ideal for landscape, gardening and farming applications. You can use it to graft fruit trees such as apples, pears, peaches, plums and cherries. You can also use it to graft vines such as grapes, kiwis and roses. By grafting different varieties of plants together, you can create new combinations of flavors, colors and shapes that will delight your senses.


The Zenport ZJ68 Grafting Tool has a product dimension of 8 x 4 x 1 inches (L x W x H) and weighs 0.5 pounds. It has a cutting capacity of up to 0.4 inches (10 mm) in diameter.


To take care of your Zenport ZJ68 Grafting Tool, you should clean it after each use with a damp cloth and dry it thoroughly. You should also oil the blades occasionally to prevent rusting. You should store it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.


The Zenport ZJ68 Grafting Tool comes with a one-year warranty that covers any defects or malfunctions caused by normal use. You can also purchase replacement parts such as blades or anvils from Zenport Industries at an affordable price. This reduces the cost of ownership and extends the life span of your tool.


The Zenport ZJ68 Grafting Tool is more than just a tool; it’s an investment in your passion for plants. It’s a tool that will help you create amazing results that will impress your friends and family. It’s a tool that will make you feel proud of your work and satisfied with your hobby.


Don’t take our word for it; listen to what some of our happy customers have to say about their experience with the Zenport ZJ68 Grafting Tool:


  • “I love this tool! It makes grafting so easy and fun! I have grafted several apple trees with different varieties using this tool and they all took well.” - John S., Oregon
  • “This is by far the best grafting tool I have ever used! It cuts cleanly and accurately every time! I have grafted over 100 grapevines with this tool without any problems.” - Maria R., California
  • “This tool is amazing! It saves me so much time and effort when I graft my roses! I have created some beautiful hybrids with this tool!” - Lisa W., Texas


If you want to join these satisfied customers and enjoy the benefits of having a professional quality grafting tool at your disposal, order yours today!

Zenport ZJ68 V-Cut Top Grafting Tool for Grafting Fruit Trees and Vines. Quickly and easily create professional quality grafts. A small efficient tool, the Zenport ZJ68 V-Cut Top Grafting Tool executes the long V cleft cut most popular in Europe.


Makes compatible cuts on both scion and root stock. The clean cuts made by the grafting tool allow you to get a perfect fit, every time. This increases the likelihood of the graft 'taking', leading to much less wastage. The efficiency of all grafting is shown in the take and speed of operation. Save 50% of labor costs, users report 90% or higher success rates.


Use in the field, or bench mount. Designed for durability and a wide range of graft sizes. Even beginners get professional results. Steel hardened "V" cut blade for clean cuts, perfect match. Tempered steel blades, handles wood from 1/8 in. to 1 and 3/16 in., for both soft and hard wood.


The Zenport ZJ68 V-Cut Top Grafting Tool is a precision instrument consisting of two blades, made of hardened steel, which can be removed, sharpened or replaced. The, anvil is grooved and positions the grafting wood in the centre to provide a precision cut. The handle operates like a pair of pliers, and is spring loaded to open, ready for the next cut. The grafter can be bench mounted, or used loose for fieldwork. To operate the grafter, the stock is first placed on the anvil and a "v" groove is neatly sliced out. The scion wood selected is next positioned from the other side of the grafter, and sliced. The resultant cut matches perfectly with the rootstock. It's important the selected scion wood is of similar size as the stock to be grafted. This ensures the cambium layers fit neatly together.


The Zenport ZJ68 V-Cut Top Grafting Tool is suitable for grafts from three millimetres to thirty millimetres. This graft is then taped as normal, and the operation completed. With the addition of the foot-operated Bench Mount the grafting procedure is greatly speeded. This accessory was designed for vineyards, orchards and nurseries that perform both bench grafting and field grafting. The bench mount is attached to the workbench and the grafter is clipped into the mount with the blades facing the operator. A foot lever then operates the tool. With this accessory, daily throughput of bench grafts is more than doubled and the tool can be disengaged from the bench mount for fieldwork in less than a minute.


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  • Model: ZJ68
  • Manufactured by: Zenport Industries

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