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Zenport Lopper MV145 Professional Vine and Light Tree Lopper, 1.25-Inch Cut, 20-Inch, P14-50

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If you are looking for a professional-grade lopper that can handle vineyard, orchard, shrub and light tree pruning, look no further than the Zenport MV145 lopper!

Zenport Lopper MV145 Professional Vine And Light Tree Lopper, 1.25-Inch Cut, 20-Inch, P14-50

This 20-inch lopper features a flat-blade design that is widely used by expert pruners for grape, shrub and tree pruning!

The blade is made of high-quality steel that can cut up to 1.25 inches of green wood with ease!

The handles are made of lightweight aluminum that are comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver. The swivel head bolt and nylon-padded nut ensure smooth and lasting operation.

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The Zenport MV145 is a beneficial tool for gardening and farming because it allows you to reach higher branches and cut thicker stems than a regular pruner. A lopper can help you shape your plants, remove dead or diseased wood, improve air circulation and sunlight exposure, and promote healthy growth. A lopper can also help you reduce fire hazards by clearing away dry or overgrown vegetation.


The Zenport MV145 is also used for landscaping purposes because it can help you create a beautiful and tidy appearance for your yard or garden. A lopper can help you trim hedges, bushes, roses, vines and small trees to achieve your desired design. A lopper can also help you remove unwanted or invasive plants that may compete with your preferred ones.


Using the Zenport MV145 is easy and safe if you follow some simple steps:


  1. Choose the right size and type of lopper for your task
  2. Wear gloves and eye protection
  3. Check the blade for sharpness and damage
  4. Hold the handles firmly with both hands
  5. Position the blade near the base of the branch or stem
  6. Cut with a smooth and steady motion
  7. Avoid cutting branches that are too thick or too close to the trunk
  8. Clean and oil the blade after use

The Zenport MV145 lopper is not only a high-performance tool but also a customer favorite. Here are some testimonials from satisfied users who have purchased this product:


  • “I love this lopper! It cuts through vines like butter. It’s lightweight but sturdy. It’s easy to adjust and maintain. I use it for my grapevines and fruit trees.” - John from California
  • “This is the best lopper I have ever used. It’s sharp, durable and comfortable. It makes pruning so much easier and faster. I use it for my roses, hedges and shrubs.” - Mary from Texas
  • “This is a great value for money. It’s well-made, reliable and versatile. It works well for different types of plants and tasks. I use it for my landscaping projects.” - Bob from Florida


If you want to experience the benefits of using a Zenport MV145 lopper yourself, order yours today! You won’t regret it!


Product Features:

  • Parts compatible and interchangeable with the P14-50
  • 20-inch (508mm) California style lopper for vines, orchard and shrubs
  • Small flat blade cutting head for easy access to hidden branches
  • Nylon-padded swivel head bolt and nut
  • Replacement parts available

Zenport Lopper MV145 Professional Vine And Light Tree Lopper, 1.25-Inch Cut, 20-Inch, P14-50


  • Model: MV145
  • Manufactured by: Zenport Industries

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