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Grape Razor Fork Vineyard Harvesting Tool

The Zenport H335 Grape Razor Fork is an ergonomic and safe vineyard tool for harvesting wine grapes and no more cutting yourself with vineyard harvest shears. The tool handle can be recycled and used over and over again with replacement safety cutting blade heads. Not only can the vineyard safety cutting blade be replaced, but the angle of the safety cutting head can be adjusted as well. The improved head design to previous generation grape fork makes harvesting wine grapes in the vineyard a more reliable and comfortable experience.

Product Features:

  • H335 ergonomically designed grape razor is safe for harvesting wine grapes
  • Safer to use without cutting yourself as compared to typical harvest shears
  • Handle can be recycled and reused, head and safety cutting blade are replaceable
  • Adjustable safety cutting blade head angle for custom comfortable experience
  • Improved head design to previous generation grape fork harvesting tool

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