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Electric Pruning Shears

DuroKon offers Zenport's latest in battery powered horticulture tools

Zenport EP3 Large EPruner Battery Powered Electric Pruner, 14-Hour, 17000 1.75 Inch Cuts, Red/Black 9-PIN

Zenport ePruners (Battery powered electric Zenport pruners) offer a very powerful and robust platform that feature an exceptional 1 year warranty on the battery pack and a 1 year warranty on the rest of the pruning system. 


For those hard to reach places, Zenport offers electric pruner pole extension kits, extending beyond 6-feet.  For those really hard to reach places the 52-inch aluminum poles can be daisy-chained with extension couplers! 


All of the service parts and warranty work originates from Portland, Oregon USA!

  • Zenport ePruners offer a very powerful and robust platform
  • 1 year warranty on the Zenport battery packs and a 1 year warranty on the rest of the system
  • Electric Zenport pruner pole extension kits are available and extend beyond 6-feet
  • For your tying Zenport offers an efficient and cost effective battery powered electric twist-tie solution. 
  • Harvesting olives, nuts and coffee beans is much faster and easier with the Zenport EH201 electronic harvester
  • All of the Zenport service parts and warranty work ordinates from Portland, Oregon USA!

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