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Zenport Picking Bag AG421 Agrikon 40-Pound Fruit and Vegetable, Pear, 1-Bushel, Apple Harvesting Bucket Bag

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Zenport Picking Bag AG421 Agrikon 40-Pound Fruit and Vegetable, Pear, 1-Bushel Apple Harvesting Bucket Bag

Zenport Agrikon AG421 40-Pound Fruit and Vegetable, Pear, Apple Harvesting Bucket Bag is used for harvesting up to 40-pounds of apples, citrus and pears. This light weight, semi-ridged bag was designed to harvest the most delicate of tree fruit.

It is foam padded inside and around the mouth. When it comes to picking fruits and vegetables, this bag will allow to pick longer in comfort. The Harvesting Bucket Bag is designed to sit comfortably on your shoulder using dual adjustable heavy-duty straps.

The rigid "bucket" shape of the bag is designed to retain its shape under the weight of your harvest. Quickly release the fruits or your labor using the quick-release closure.

The polymer bucket has a tough nylon fabric bottom that handles loads without tearing, and resists water, mold, mildew, and abrasion. Heavy duty cotton strap suspenders are cool, comfortable and allow full range of motion.

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The old apple picking basket has been replaced by modern apple picking bags, fruit picking buckets, apple picking totes, picking pails and pail harnesses, making apple picking baskets obsolete in orchards. With no place to hang the fruit picking basket in a modern size-controlled planting orchard, fruit growers feel the basket encourages one-handed fruit picking. Experience has shown apple picking bags are more efficient to use and, if properly handled, will not bruise the fruit as much as fruit picking baskets.

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It is not difficult to empty a apple picking bag properly. First, position the full apple picking bag just above the fruit in the bin. Next, release the closing apparatus to open the bottom of the apple picking bag. Rest it on the fruit in the bin. Then, slowly lift the fruit picking bag, while carefully drawing it over the top of the bin. The picked fruit is gently placed on top.

All apple picking bags are adjustable in order to fit the build and strength of the fruit picker. The fruit picker is free to use both hands to pick and to gently set the fruit in the apple picking bag. The top of the fruit in the bin, setting the picked fruit gently on top.

Originally developed for citrus and apple picking these apple picking bags can also be used for pears, peaches, lemons, avocados and various other fruits and vegetables. Our apple picking bags are available in 420 denier nylon are better quality, lighter, and priced lower than the competition.

The apple picking bag trigger snaps that secure fruit picking bag closures are sewn and riveted. Apple picking bags come in options of a large rigid and semi-ridged opening styles, that provides easy access and will not collapse during use. The 4" wide padded strap provides all-day comfort. All bags are washable and will resist mildew. Available in sizes 40-pound, 65-pound, 80-pound, 420 Denier Nylon, Apple Picking Bags.

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Designed to put less weight on the spine, the 40-pound, 65-pound, 80-pound, 420 Denier Nylon Apple Picking Bags feature heavily padded 3.75"W shoulder straps with side webbing, rivets, and vinyl reinforcement for strength and durability. Extremely strong and lightweight, the front of the apple picking bags are constructed with 420 Denier Nylon with backs made of reinforced Denier Nylon.

  • Hardened spring steel hoop opening allows for easy access of fruit
  • Manufactured from quality denier nylon, superior fittings ensure long life of bag
  • Cross over straps create even weight distribution
  • Padded straps available
  • Shape of bag allows easy ladder climbing
  • Pickers can get on with the job

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When its harvest season, make sure you're prepared by shopping the wide selection of high quality harvesting tools and equipment at ApplePickingBags.com. We have a huge variety of fruit clippers, harvest shears, picking gloves and tote bags that will make harvesting easier. Whether you're harvesting a home garden or commercial field, ApplePickingBags.com has the harvesting supplies you need to be more productive. No matter what you are harvesting we have shears, knives and clippers that will provide easy cutting and a variety of specially designed totes and bags for gathering up your harvesting haul.

We also carry harvesting supplies that will keep you well protected when out in the fields including durable picking gloves and denim sleeves. Harvesting can be long and arduous labor and depending on the crop you are dealing with you may have to work with prickly and thorny vines. With dependable and durable gloves and sleeves you can keep your hands and arms safe from pricks and scrapes so you can work more effectively. For hard to reach fruit we have a telescoping picking pole that can extend 6-10 feet so you can easily grab hard to reach crops.

  • Model: AG421
  • Manufactured by: AgriKon from Zenport Industries

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