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Harvesting Celery?

The Zenport K130 celery harvest knife features a 420 stainless steel 8.5-Inch long L-shaped blade that is designed to easily reach around a celery stalk and slice with a razor sharp 7-inch dual taper inside cutting edge.  The L-shape blade allows the harvester to utilize a perfectly angled forward facing 4-Inch wide blade to accommodate the rapid harvesting of celery.  This knife can also be used for use on a variety of thicker-stemmed plants. Although designed for specialty work, it's really a phenomenal general purpose tool. The 5.75-inch ergonomic non-slip plastic handle is orange for easy visibility in the field.

Zenport K130 Celery Harvest Knife, Stainless Steel 8.5-Inch Blade, Orange Plastic Handle

Zenport Banana Knife K112 5-Inch Straight Steel Blade

Zenport Banana Knife K112 5-Inch Straight Steel Blade

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