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Zenport ePruner Motor EP3-P10-1C EP2D/EP3C 9-Pin ePruner Replacement Motor for Battery Powered Electric Pruner

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Zenport ePruner Motor EP3-P10-1C EP2D/EP3C 9-Pin ePruner Replacement Motor for Battery Powered Electric Pruner The newest and lightest electric pruner technology from Zenport Industries. The Zenport Battery Powered Electric Pruner, features a powerful 4.0AH 36V lithium battery. At full capacity, this battery will last a full 12 hours and will complete more than 15,000 cuts. This pruner is super light weighing in at 1.9-pounds/0.9kg. The razor sharp cutting blade is made of high quality SK5 Japanese steel. The high quality durable harness makes for comfortable easy handling while in use. Impact resistant carrying case keeps the tool and accessories safe and secure while storing or travelling to the job. Easy to follow detailed instructions with a portable maintenance tool box to keep this electric pruner operating at optimal performance for many years. Includes all cables and charging equipment which is compatible with both 120V and 240V outlets. Replacement blades, batteries, and parts available.

  • Modèle : EP3-P10-1C
  • Fabriqué par : Zenport

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