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Zenport HJ919B-10PK ZEN MAX HTB HTB-2 Tapener Tool Holster Belt, Box of 10

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  • Model: HJ919B-10PK
  • Manufactured by: Zenport
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Zenport HJ919B (10pk) Box of 10 ZEN MAX Tapener Tool Holster Belts. Designed specifically for the ZEN and MAX Tapener. Works with both Small and Large models. This unique Tapener Tool Belt Holster will not only free up your hands in the vineyard but also allows you to keep everything you need for your Tapener close at hand. Features a custom tailored pocket designed to keep your valuable Tapener Gun safe and at your side. Also features a Tapener Tie Tape dispenser and a pocket for your staples and other items.

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 07 July, 2015.