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Zenport EH201 Electric Olive, Coffee and Nut Shaker Harvesting Rake/Comb, Telescopic 86 - 118-inches

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  • Model: EH201
  • Manufactured by: Zenport
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  • Category: Battery Powered Electric Pruning Shears and Tools
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Harvesting olives, nuts and coffee beans is much faster and easier with the EH201 electronic harvester from Zenport. The Zenport EH201 electric olive, nut and coffee harvesting rake's opening and closing vibrating comb is ideal for pruned, or not so thick, trees. The rake “combs” the branches with 14 individual 6-inch open and closing vibrating teeth, made of thermoplastic resins to ensure robustness and flexibility for easy movement among the branches.

To accommodate various lengths of reach, the telescopic aluminum tube contracts to 86-inches long and fully extends to 118-inches long. Zenport employs high-strength aluminum alloy tubing and a design that makes the tool extremely lightweight (it weighs a little more than 7 pounds).

The product uses a powerful 140W 12V DC motor that can be driven by various power sources, car battery, AC power ballast, small household generators etc., so it is very convenient and practical.

The average power consumption by the powerful 140W motor is 8A. The 315-inch power cable includes negative and postie booster cable clamps for easy attachment to power source.

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 29 June, 2017.