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Max TapenerĀ® Hand-Tying Machine

Max Tapener® Hand-Tying Machines

Nurserymen, tree growers, vineyards, and orchards have all experiences the time-saving potential of the Max Tapener®. Simply squeeze the handle to stretch tape between the jaws and it is ready to wrap the stem. A second squeeze staples and cuts off the tape. It is that easy!


Even though the new Max Tapener® is lighter in weight, it is more durable. You can expect the same great results with half the required clinching force as the older models.


This model is 24% lighter than the previous Max Tapener®. A metal shaft in the tape holder hinge increases the durability. You cannot remove the attached staple pusher, which will lessen the potential for loss or damage to the part.


Tie ribbon, staples, and spare blades sold separately.


Note: this model uses the same staples (MXST) as the previous model. It requires a different blade than the other models (MXBLR). It works with 1/2-inch wide tying or marking tapes ONLY.


Max Tapener Hand-Tying Machine


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